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Stacy provides just about all services available on the menu, and is especially excited at her most recent certification with Lasio Keratin Straightening System. Stacy attends classes, workshops, seminars and hair shows on a regular basis and expects the same of all her staff. She believes education is the key to success for clients, stylists, and the salon as a whole. Stacy prides herself in maintaining a clean, healthy, and efficient work enviornment for both her staff and clients over the past 20 years.  She also enjoys not only updating their education, but also maintaining the overall salon appearance and equipment. She assures that every salon client will leave content, happy, and entirely satisfied with the outcome of their service(s). 


Jocelynn has been a great addition to our front desk, she fairs very well with the diva style a salon should exhude .from her smile to her greeting , you will happily enjoy her presence .



Melissa has been enjoying the hair industry since 2014 and what a joy, its hard to have a bad day around her.Between her talents and dedication to send you out of the salon glowing is obvious from the start. Melissa loves to explore with her craft for hair color and cutting .If you can envision it ,she will do her best to make your dream a reality. She has a love for creating beauty from your nails to your toes as well. Melissa grew up in the area and is connected to many local friends and family. She has a true love for her family including several pets, so when she's away from work she's always enjoying life . Between pets, family, or a nice day at the park with a DD iced coffee in hand, Melissa is such a joy to be in company with .


Frances joined the Seychelle's family 16 years ago and her area of concentration is hair color with corrective coloring being her passion. She embraces the challenges involved in not only the chemistry of hair and hair color, but the artistry and finesse required to please her clients. Frances also maintains a strong belief in technically sound haircuts and believes they are the bridge that joins great hair coloring with great hair styling. She has been a practicing stylist for 28 years.


Mary has been loving the hair/ makeup industry since -well I think since she was a little girl! Her talent goes way beyond anyones expectations. Her conversations are always a joy and she just always aims to please because we all know we want what we want. Mary is wonderful at doing her best to give you the closest anyone can to that "Pinterest" pic. She is definitely our social media girl so please check out her work on FB and Instagram for sure. When Mary is taking a break from behind the chair, she is enjoying karaoke, working out, time with her family/pet or just relaxing with her husband, while enjoying her favorite treat...STARBUCKS! Mary is absolutely a wonderful addition to the salon.


Every treacherous coast line has a lighthouse to guide the masses into safe channels, and so does Seychelle's with Amy, our loyal client services specialist. Her elevan years "on the desk" have seasoned Amy into an efficient navigator that has an innate ability to match a client to a stylist by knowing the key questions to ask. She considers not only your hair needs, but your schedule needs as well. She is organized and detailed and will guide you from your very first phone call for booking.

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